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My Story

Jaemie Gina is a Christian Contemporary singer/songwriter. Her lyrics are naked and vulnerable, reflecting the truths of peace, hope, faith and determination that meet very specific needs in every worshiper’s life.  The book of Psalms is an inspirational catalyst for her, because of the adoration and rawness that is often found there. Her songs are also inspired by her own life's experiences and those of others and focuses on storytelling as an integral part.

These songs have been described as "gifts of words to cling to God, in times of adversity."  Jaemie's heart’s desire is to see people worshipping freely and to lead others into the Presence of God.  She has pursued this God-given calling by writing songs of  praise and serving in the worship ministry at her local church .  Knowing the freedom that is in Christ, she is devoted to creating music that brings hope to a broken generation.


Since writing her first song at age 13, Jaemie Gina developed a passion and love for music and song writing.  Trinidadian by birth, Jaemie Gina grew up hearing her mother’s morning ritual of singing worship songs which, while seeking after her Heavenly Father, influenced her to immerse herself in spiritual songs and hymns. ​

Throughout the years, Jaemie Gina has been afforded many opportunities to sing in various countries.  She has graced the stages of live broadway theatres in Australia, cruise ship revey productions and several performances abroad.  


Jaemie is presently living in Norway, with her husband and daughter, where the awe-inspiring landscapes and seascapes help to keep her in constant reverence and worship of Jesus.

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